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APC Online Courses

Conduct of Online Courses

Being a student in an online course requires some independence, comfort with computers, and adjustment to learning online.

Course materials, such as the syllabus, schedule of activities, readings and reference sites are stored in the course website. After registration and payment, and one week prior to the start of classes, students receive a course key (password) that allows their entry into relevant courses. The password is required for full access.

Instructors typically lay out performance expectations and learning objectives in a scheduled sequence of activities. Instructional activities are generally broken up into segments or “topics” that the entire class will work on for a set period of time. Activities may include readings, written responses, participation in online dialogue, research and response, or exams. Instructor may use synchronous messaging, asynchronous discussion boards, surveying, quizzes, and other tools built into the course website. Additional tools such as videoconferencing, web conferencing, and external web sites may be used as well.